Brochures / Books and Booklets

  • Bound Litho or Digital print
  • Litho - for quantities greater than 350
  • Digital - for quantities lower than 350
  • All coated stocks are sealed in line
  • Deliveries are possible in 2 days (litho) or 24 hours (digital)
  • A great selection of papers up to 400gsm (litho) or 350gsm (digital)
  • All sizes can be portrait or landscape
  • Booklets print by Impress Printing Works
  • Books print by Impress Printing Works

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Papers and Binding

    All papers used are FSE certified, coated papers are triple coated which gives maximum colour lift and we seal in line. Uncoated papers require a different ink process and take longer to dry. If proofs are required we will proof on the actual stock where possible.

    Other binding services available; see our FAQ’s page for further explanations of binding types.

    • PUR binding
    • Loop stapling
    • Singer sewing
    • Cahier binding
    • Wire binding
    About Binding

    Digital printing for short run Brochures

    In these difficult times everything is about cost saving and digitally printing your brochures is the ideal solution.

    Advantages of digital print

    • Shorter turnaround.
    • Every print is the same. More accurate counts, less waste and fewer variations due to not having to balance ink and water during press run. Printed image doesn’t differ from coated to uncoated.
    • Cost effective low volume printing. While the unit cost of each piece may be higher than with offset printing, when setup costs are included digital printing provides lower per unit costs for very small print runs.
    • Variable Data Printing is a form of customizable digital printing. Using information from a database or external file, text and graphics can be changed on each piece without stopping or slowing down the press.